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The Simian Line

Cast – Lynn Redgrave, William Hurt, Tyne Daly, Eric Stoltz, Cindy Crawford, Harry Conick Jr, Jamey Sheridan, Samantha Mathis, Monica Keena and Jeremy Bruno

“The Simian Line” is a beautifully crafted gem of a film. Produced and directed by Linda Yellen this unscripted independent was shot entirely on location in Brooklyn in three weeks and except for a basic story structure was completely improvised.

If you ever have the opportunity to watch it – do! The performances from this all star cast are fresh and alive which is ironic as the two central characters are ghosts.

Arnita (Tyne Daly) has her first experience of ghosts with Edward(William Hurt). We decided that all she did and all she was had to be worn and seen.

The house was central to the story literally and aesthetically. I used a strict pallette that was established by the decor of the house. This added a real sense of belonging to the characters.
I used a lot of original clothing for Mae (Samantha Mathis) and Edward (William Hurt). Note Mae’s original 20’s Egret feather spray

Sandra (Cindy Crawford) was totally urban and slick. Rick (Harry Connick Jr) was a craftman. They were from different worlds but I tried to make them aligned using colour and texture

Edward (William Hurt) the 1890’s ghost can’t sleep even though he is wearing an original Edwardian dressing gown. Note the beautiful cuff detail.

Catherine (Lynn Redgrave) was the great grand daughter of the ghost Edward. She is the matriarch of the house. Catherine is in crisis. I express this in her wardrobe by contrasting warm, tactile colours and textures (see above) with colder colours with harder shapes.

Marta(Monica Keena) the wild child gives in to the joys of motherhood. I express this with this warm inviting textured knit

Mae(Samantha Mathis) the 20’s flapper ghost moves in because of the racket being created next door. She wears some gorgeous original 20’s underwear and a beautiful oriental style robe.

The ghosts Mae and Edward